RIMS is a fruitful network for all professional working in the field of MS. Therefore we encourage all MS Centres, MS Societies and individual professionals to join the network. 

We are proud that RIMS is a powerful, international and multi-disciplinary network of rehabilitation centers and health care practitioners. Together, we are the European reference to advocate that all people with multiple sclerosis throughout Europe have access to evidence-based rehabilitation when they need it. As an independent scientific association, we do count on the support of our members and trust that you will once again become part of our community. Also in 2021, your contribution is more than ever invaluable in ensuring that we can bring consistent and relevant content, broaden our expertise and share knowledge together.

Both individuals and Rehabilitation Centres can become member of RIMS. The larger our network becomes, the stronger our voice will be. Join us in 2021 and be part of our network!

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RIMS is proud to represent a network of 33 Rehabilitation Centres, 32 Individual Members, of which 11 Student Members, from 23 countries.

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Membership renewal

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Renew your Membership online now and benefit also in 2021 of the following:

  • Annual Conference and Workshop at reduced registration fee
  • Join a Special Interest Group
  • Make use of the RIMS Grant Programme
  • Take advantage of the Fellowship Exchange Programme
  • Get access to Members only E-Educational Material at the RIMS website


IMPORTANT: please be informed that the number of the RIMS account has changed. Please do not use the previous account number, but transfer your payment to BE89 6451 2078 9485. The offline payment details can be found on the euRIMS website.